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2014 Calendar of Holidays in the United States of America - USA Book Travel with America The Beautiful
Kansas - an America the Beautiful Landscape worth exploring.
Kansas Tourism Video
North                     South                  East                         West
KANSAS - America’s Heartland

This region of plains and prairie is the breadbasket of the United States, growing more wheat than any other state in the union. Welcome to Kansas, nicknamed the Sunflower State, but also known as the Jayhawk State, the Midway State, and the Wheat State. There’s no place like Kansas for cultural events, museums and art of all kinds.

 Kansas has come to signify the American heartland more so than most any other state. A picturesque land of rolling prairies and wheat fields and where all-American Superman grew up and the place the Wizard of Oz's Dorothy  called home.  You may find it hard to believe - but in Kansas - evenings come alive with the best in music, theatre, dance and entertainment hot spots.

This is the state of Bleeding Kansas, where pro- and antislavery forces fought long and hard against each other before Kansas finally joined the Union as a free state in 1860; it was also a major battleground for civil rights when desegregation was challenged here in 1954. It's the home of the Chisholm Trail, the Santa Fe Trail, the pioneers, and the Pony Express; of plains and grasslands that saw many an Indian skirmish and relocation; and of Dodge City, where many of the gunslingers of the Old West made their reputations. The state is also a major center of aviation and features several top-notch space- and aeronautics-related attractions. It may not be home, but Kansas has got a ton of interesting options for visitors.
In 1822, the Santa Fe Trail brought hundreds and hundreds of wagons through Kansas, and as the population grew, Kansas became a state in 1861. Cattle drives and railroads continued to change the face of the state, and Dodge City became home to the largest cattle market in the world, gaining notoriety in the process as the rough and tumbling home to the likes of Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok, and Bat Masterson. Today, cattle, wheat, corn, and soybeans form the base for the agricultural economy.
In Kansas, small-town charm mixes easily with big-city attractions.  Whether you long for a relaxing trip along a scenic route or an action-packed adventure, Kansas delivers!  

Spend a few hours or an entire weekend soaking up the sights, sounds, aromas and tastes of Kansas through its unique festivals. Found year-round throughout the state, these special events celebrate everything from local history and historic periods to holidays and cultural pride.  View more!

Events and Festivals in Kansas!

From intimate spots for a romantic couples night out to rocking venues for groups ready to dance until dawn, Kansas entertainment is just heating up as the sun is going down. View more!

Kansas - Time to Get Out and Enjoy!

Kansas’s historic tour will take you on an amazing exploration of cities and towns that shaped America and today’s travel! View more!

History throughout Kansas!

Enjoy the landscapes of Kansas, from the nation's largest stand of tallgrass prairie to scenic byways and sparkling lakes and rivers. There's lots of wildlife to enjoy as well, from the iconic bison that still roam to exotic species in zoos and wild animal parks. Kansas' natural wonders will amaze you!  View more!

The Natural Wonders of Kansas Thrive!

Take a Drive in Kansas

Kansas Calendar of Events


Kansas -  Neighboring States

Official Kansas Travel Guide

KANSAS State Facts, Symbols, Map and more!

Begin your journey. Kansas has eleven byways, eight scenic, two of which are National Scenic Byways and three historic byways. In addition to being beautiful drives, the byways each have a fascinating history and an abundance of activities to enjoy.   See More!

• Flint Hills

• Glacial Hills

• Native Stone

• Prairie Trail

• Smoky Valley

• Wetlands & Wildlife • Frontier Military

• Gypsum Hills

• Post Rock

• Route 66

• Western Vistas

2014 Top 10 Events in Kansas including festivals, fairs and special activities. Kansas
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2014 Top 10 Events in Kansas including festivals, fairs and special activities. Kansas Calendar of Events