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Colorado Tourism Video

Colorado’s Neighboring States

North                     South                      East                     West
Colorado - Your Rocky Mountain High
The state of Colorado is called the Rocky Mountain State because it is spread out over most of the Southern Rocky Mountains. It encompasses the northeastern section of the extremely beautiful Colorado Plateau and the western edge of the Great Plains.
Colorado is the 22nd most populous state in the union and it is the 8th most extensive as far as land mass is concerned. In 2012 the federal government's Census Bureau estimated the population of Colorado to be more than five million inhabitants. It is one of the fastest growing states in the union and one of the most visited by vacationing families from all over the world.

The capital of Colorado is Denver which is the most populous city in the state and home to the Denver Broncos professional football team and the Colorado Rockies baseball team. Downtown Denver is home to hundreds of multi-national corporations and offers free transportation along the 16th street mall.

The Spanish named Colorado after the Colorado River because it carried red silt from the mountains into the surrounding cities and was the lifeblood of early settlers in the region.  Colorado is also known as the Centennial State' because it became part of the United States in the centennial year of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Colorado is a landlocked state. It is bordered to the north by Wyoming, on the east by Kansas and Nebraska and on the south by New Mexico. It's also bordered by Oklahoma, Utah, and Arizona. Colorado is a part of the 'Four Corners' which is where the Grand Canyon is located and part of the American Southwest.  The state of Colorado is best known for its beautiful landscapes, deep forests, canyons, rivers and plateaus. There are a numerous hiking opportunities in the Rocky Mountains as well as skiing and camping throughout the year.

Family attractions include the beautiful Rocky Mountains, well maintained national parks and outdoor adventures which include water skiing, tubing and kayaking. The Arkansas River, the Colorado River and the Cache la Poudre all lead through picturesque gorges and canyons and offer unlimited miles of white water rafting for the entire family.  Boaters can enjoy several lakes which include Lake Dillion, Grand Lake and the Blue Mesa Reservoir. There are also several lakes in the Colorado State Parks system all of which are well maintained and staffed by professionals to ensure everyone's safety.

Head on over to Colorado today to enjoy a relaxing vacation with your family and friends. There are plenty of things for you to do inside and outside Denver city limits. The mountains are less than an hour from the city and the major sports teams are located in downtown Denver.

Every state can lay claim to a few “only here” honors, but in Colorado the list is longer, taller, wider, and higher than just about anywhere else.   View more!

Spotlight - The Art of Chesapeake!

Colorado is well-known for its 10 scenic and historic trains and railways, which can take visitors everywhere from mountaintop summits and deep river gorges to rolling valleys and lush vineyards. View more!

Colorado’s Trains and Railroads

Whether you enjoy Skiing, hiking, boating, golfing or antiquing, you’ll find both excitement and leisure year-round in Colorado - a unique mix of wonderful activities available during all four seasons.    View more!

Amazing Colorado Winters!

A Ride in Colorado

Some of the greatest things to do in the state of Colorado focus on its historic and ancient past. This state, formed by the native people and the westward expansion and exploration is rich in history and landmarks which are waiting for you to discover them when you travel to this beautiful and interesting state. One of the biggest attractions you can find here are dig sites, museums and other family friendly attractions that offer you access to the fossils of the dinosaurs that used to roam here.

Visit national parks such as the Dinosaur National Monument, or visit the Picketwire Canyonlands and Dinosaur Ridge. You can also walk the paths that the dinosaurs walked and visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, or explore the exhibits about Colorado dinosaurs which are interactive. You can learn about the dinosaurs and other creatures that are from Colorado's history.

You can also do your sightseeing at the Mesa Verde National Park where you can learn about Colorado's earliest human residents, the Ancestral Puebloans. The history here is rich with Native American heritage you can you see in festivals and galleries all over the state, plus in history museums and sites like the Ute Indian Museum, on the Trail of the Ancients Scenic and Historic Byway and the Koshare Indian Museum.

Aside from these attractions you visit the Denver Botanic Gardens for a day of leisure, or take in the beauty of the Seven Falls, the Garden of the Gods or Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. See America in a whole new way by visiting some of the state's mountain attractions, or visit great cities such as Denver. Aspen also boasts a ghost town tour, or you can even sail in a balloon over the mountains in Breckenridge.

Colorado is certainly one of the United States that will enrapture you with its beauty and rich history. It contains forty-two state parks, four national parks plus a host of other attractions such as their wildlife refuges, national forests and national monuments. It is easy to make many lasting memories in this state which has much to offer.

Special thanks to the Colorado Office of Tourism 
for supporting photography and content for this website.
Photography by Matt Inden/Miles

Colorado Events Calendar

Official Colorado Tour Guide

COLORADO State Facts, State Symbols and more!

- rich in history -
2014 Uniquely Colorado Experiences- including festivals, fairs and special activities. 2014 Uniquely Colorado Experiences- including festivals, fairs and special activities. Colorado
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