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2014 Calendar of Holidays in the United States of America - USA Book Travel with America The Beautiful
Clydesdale Horses from the King of Beers
Missouri Tourism Video

Missouri’s Neighboring States  

North                     South                      East                     West
Show Me!  Missouri
Missouri is a state that is located in the Midwestern section of the United States. There is a lot of things that make this state stand out, but its nickname of being The Show Me State is without a doubt, one of the most famous of all its great aspects. It is number 18 as far as being the most populous in rank among the other US states and 21st when it comes to having extensive area compared to the other states. A part of the Missouri Territory was entered into the Union as being the 24th state on August 10, 1821. The land which is now Missouri was part of the Louisiana Purchase, which the United States did get from France, and this was back in 1803. The Louisiana Purchase did include 828,000 square miles of land which was part of France's claim to the territory of Louisiana.

The geography of Missouri is something that does vary greatly. This is because the Missouri River divides both the northern and the southern parts of the state. Also, the northern part of Missouri lies  in till plains that are dissected, and the southern part lies in the dissected plateau of the Ozark Mountains. Missouri is right at the intersection where three of America's greatest rivers lie. These three great rivers are no other than the Mississippi, the Missouri River, which isn't far from St. Louis. Also, the Ohio River in confluence with the Mississippi River North of the Bootheel. The capital of Missouri is Jefferson City and it contains 114 counties. The city of St. Louis is independent in its own way. The urban areas that are the largest in the entire state are St. Louis, Columbia, Springfield, and Kansas City. Missouri is also a place that has lots of history and its history is unique. This state has the starting points for both the Oregon Trail and the Pony Express.

Missouri has a lot to show the visitors who do visit this state. Even though it will be virtually impossible to see everything. There is lots to see all the same. From beautiful state parks to observatories to botanical gardens to you name it. Missouri definitely is a state that has a lot to show off to outsiders and be darn proud.

One of the most famous of all travel destinations within Missouri is no other than Branson. Branson, Missouri, has been hailed as the “Live Music Show Capital of the World” and it is a one of a kind type of family travel spot that has it all on all fronts. This unique travel destination has more than fifty theaters in number, has a theme park that is world-famous, numerous attractions and museums galore. It also has plenty of shopping places and so much more.

Missouri is truly the “Show Me” state in every sense of the word. This is because is it proud to show off all of its wonderful assets, which it does have in abundance, to offer those who come to visit this superb US state. So, with this said, please visit Missouri and show yourself a wonderful vacation or weekend adventure.

Missouri - your Gateway to Adventure!
Official Missouri Travel Guide

Missouri Calendar

MISSOURI State Facts, Symbols, Map and more!

2014 Top 10 Events in Oregon including festivals, fairs and special activities.

In Missouri, they believe that if there were a festival of festivals, Missouri would be well represented. Missouri is home to historical festivals, Mardi Gras, children's festivals, even festivals in the air. You can emerse yourself in the action of a wild west rodeo, a grand state fair, a festival of Trout

     See More!

Missouri - A State that is Rich in Events & Activities!

Missouri’s outdoors allows you the opportunity to do most anything.  Saddle up a horse and head into one of literally hundreds of conservation and natural areas, 49 state parks, the vast Mark Twain National Forest, the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, the 225-mile Katy Trail (America's longest rail-to-trail hiking/biking trail) and thousands of hunting and fishing spots to catch any type of wildlife, Missouri is "the place" for the outdoor enthusiast. Make sure to visit: Missouri Outdoors

Missouri’s Outdoors Provides Adventure & Excitement!

In 1904, the city of St. Louis hosted the 1904 World's Fair and the 1904 Summer Olympics, becoming the first non-European city to host the Olympics.  Proceeds from the fair provided the city with Forest Park, the St. Louis Art Museum, the St. Louis Zoo and the Missouri History Museum. A mix of Old World charm and modern life continues to be a hallmark of this vibrant Midwestern city, in which each neighborhood has its own history and unique character.

The downtown area of St. Louis offers most visitors their first impression of the city, greeting them with its signature Gateway Arch , historic Union Station , the Old Courthouse and Busch Stadium , where the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team plays their home games. The once industrial area of Laclede's Landing is now home to some of the city's favorite restaurants and finest hotels, as well as an entertainment district that features live music ranging from pop to jazz.

The Soulard neighborhood is situated south of Downtown and it is a place where you will find a fine selection of jazz and blues clubs as well as the huge outdoor Soulard Farmer's Market , selling fresh produce, flowers and bakery items. The Market is the largest continually operating open-air market west of the Mississippi River. Visitors will also find the Anheuser-Busch Brewery and the Bowling Hall of Fame in this area.

For more (25 great tihngs) on St. Louis - Click Here!

Featured City: St. Louis, Missouri

Missouri will "show you" entertainment with plenty of options either by day or night.  There is a wide variety of professional sports, state-of-the-art casinos, night clubs and live music available to you any day of the week - any time of day.  Missouri makes quality entertainment easy to experience - and something you should add to your agenda.....Missouri Entertains

State of Pennsylvania - Enjoy the History of Pennsylvania!

Missouri Entertains - in Theaters, Casinos & Sports!

2014 Top Events in Missouri including festivals, fairs and special activities. Top Missouri Events
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State of Missouri Calendar of Events 2014 Top Events in Missouri including festivals, fairs and special activities.