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2014 Calendar of Holidays in the United States of America - USA Book Travel with America The Beautiful
Iowa Tourism Video
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IOWA - A Midwest Delight

Although you might not think of a state with ninety-two percent of it being comprised of farmland for your next travel plans, Iowa is actually a state that has much to offer including a rich history. If you love the outdoors, you can enjoy canoeing, fishing and camping at Arrowhead Park in Neola. Or, test your luck at the Casino Riverboat in Council Bluffs and go to Cedar Rapids for some wine tasting. Take a walk at your leisure through the Skywalk in Davenport and visit the capitol in Des Moines which has woodwork that is beautifully finished and paintings which are well-preserved all throughout it.
Des Moines is also known for the Living History Farms and famous Iowa State Fair. You can enjoy many family activities in one of Iowa’s great cities, including Blank Park Zoon, a landscaped zoological park, the Science Center of Iowa and the State Historical Museum. If you love art, the Des Moines Art center has an impressive collection. The second largest city in Iowa, Cedar Rapids, has a diverse culture and rich history.
Its name coming from an American Indian tribe of the same name, Iowa was party of the Louisiana Purchase which was a deal that was arranged between Napoleon Bonaparte of France and President Thomas Jefferson. This brought a big tract of the continent under the control of the United States and white settlers were unable to come here until the early 1830s. After the Black Hawk War in 1832 the Fox and Sauk were forced to make land cessions west of the Mississippi River for the first time. The U.S. government gave them forty barrels of tobacco, a small amount of money, forty barrels of salt and some blacksmithing services for the fertile Mississippi Valley which is now eastern Iowa. A year later the tribes were ordered to leave the area
There are many state parks and national parks in this state which make a great reason to visit Iowa if you love outdoor activities. They provide you with all sorts of ways to make family memories with an array of things to do including hiking trails taken by Lewis and Clark or the Mormons. Or, you can visit the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site and see where he was born and also see what a blacksmith shop at the time was like. You can visit the West Branch schoolhouse where as well, plus the Friends Meetinghouse and the Presidential Library.
When you want to see America, Iowa and all it has to offer should not be passed up. It is a state with many sightseeing opportunities and things to do.

Des Moines is everything you want to find in a city. It's a Friday night at a Broadway show and a Saturday morning at the Des Moines Farmers' Market.   Des Moines is a city where you can do it all.  View more!

Des Moines, Iowa - big city style, small town charm!

The unique and varying cultures in the State of Iowa - allow you to choose from a wide variety of events - both BIG and small - to fit your upcoming travel plans!         View more!

Unique Events take place across Iowa

Iowa is the Cycling Trails Capital of the World - making it a good reason to pack your wheels or plan on renting some while visiting Iowa!  Great paths, smooth trails will make this a highlight of your adventure - for maps and more info: View more!

Cycling in Iowa is the “thing to do”!

Whether you enjoy golf, boating, or antiquing, you’ll find leisure nestled in the charming community of Clear Lake, Iowa.   View more!

Summertime Activities abound in Iowa!

Visit Iowa Now

Welcome to Iowa, the Hawkeye State. With its fertile, rolling prairies, Iowa is one of the foremost farming states in the United States. One fifth of the nation's corn harvest is produced in Iowa. Wet springs combined with warm summers create a favorable environment for plantings of corn and soybeans in the state's top-grade farmland. Although agriculture is the mainstay of the economy, Iowa has also encouraged the growth of manufacturing and service industries.

If you are going to have large farms, you might as well ensure that you have the right equipment to work those farms, and in that spirit Iowa produced the first gasoline-powered tractor in 1892 (John Froelich, Clayton County). Today, the state claims the largest tractor manufacturing plant in the U.S.

2014 Iowa Calendar of Events


Iowa -  Neighboring States

Official Iowa Travel Guide

IOWA State Facts, Symbols, Map and more!

Iowa Events Page 2014 Top 10 Events in Iowa including festivals, fairs and special activities.
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State of Iowa Calendar of Events 2014 Top 10 Events in Iowa including festivals, fairs and special activities.